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Ears that drank down rock 'n roll in the 90s will still enjoy the rhythmic, guitar driven, Corganesque vocal stylings of Tanjent - the rock band I played drums with in the early 2000s. Have a listen:

I've got a lot of great memories with this group. I got introduced to some really amazing people through the group. I got to see some really great places. but most of all, it was the loudest creative outlet I have ever had. When I auditioned for the group, they were rehearsing in Vally Park MO and I was going to school in Greenville IL. I got the job and for the rest of term, I borrowed vehicles to drive over an hour to practice. Rehearsals were in a tiny church and I stashed my drums in the baptismal. I quit school mid year, got a job at a restaurant and then a factory so that I could put my energy into the band. We had a pretty short carrier, but I learned a lot about group dynamics, the indie music scene and the importance of moderation.

I heard Jeff Bridges talk about making movies on the Nerdist Podcast about how when he watches a movie he's in, he has a hard time following the story because he can't help but remember what was happening behind the scenes each take, or he finds himself wondering why the director used that take instead of this take. Listening to this CD is like that for me. When I listen I see that little church's windows rattling at rehearsal. I remember the frustration of recording my tracks first with a click track and feeling like I was holding up the project when I had to take another pass at it. I remember wrecking my dad's truck coming home from rehearsal or a gig way to late at night. I remember a crazy Mongolian new year party with the guys. 

But I also still just like the music. When we were arranging these songs, we were focused on the groove. There is a lot of rhythmic stuff we all do together and the vocals are full of pain and melody.

I think the songs hold up well for being 11 years old. So please, have a listen and buy a CD if you like what you hear. Maybe one of these songs will attach itself to a new memory or two that you can recall with a smile in 11 years. I'm interested in what anyone thinks about the album. Please let me know.

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